PYTHON PROJECT IDEAS — for beginners to expert programmers


As they say, Better Late Than Never here are a few project topics to start with development with a short description of each idea for those who are gearing up their skills in Python.

  1. Number Guessing -> Build a Number guessing game, in which the user selects a range. Let us say User selected a range, i.e., from A to B, where A and B belong to Integer. Some random integer will be selected by the system and the user has to guess that integer in the minimum number of guesses.
  2. Snake Games -> The player is represented as a snake, which grows if it eats an apple. The goal of the game is to eat as many apples as possible without colliding.
  3. Story Generator -> Are you tired of writing stories? Well, it’s time to create a random story generator that can write stories for you. Store random keywords and generate a whole new plot from them.
  4. Stopwatch -> Tkinter is the standard GUI library for Python. You can focus on creating a stopwatch using Tkinter in python. It will make you get familiar with GUI Development.

Already got your basics covered. Immediately get started with exploring fully functional applications and automation with python. Python is the best tool for automation so far. Developing the below-named projects can get you started with your Automation Journey.

  1. Typing Speed Application
  2. Email Automation
  3. Paint Application
  4. Whatsapp Automation

Got a project submission that requires more advanced concepts, or if you are getting more comfortable with python, these are very helpful. Each application will teach you about a whole new concept (Eg. Face Detection is one of the applications of Machine Learning).

  1. Chat Application
  2. Face Detection
  3. Youtube Clone
  4. Data Dashboard

Expert projects can be helpful to portray your skills in Python. Completing the above projects will not make you a master of Python as they are categorized based on how much knowledge you can acquire from it.

  1. Instagram Bot
  2. Tinder Bot
  3. Sudoku Solver
  4. Real-Estate Prediction

Here is what I always believe in,

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” -Henry Ford

So do not stop if you are done with certain Expert Projects. Always keep working on new projects. Nothing can beat the knowledge that you gained while developing these projects.

Also, Python is considered the “most powerful language you can still read”. Put it in your arsenal today .

Thanks for stopping by !




20, Computer Engineering Undergraduate from Mumbai

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Rutuparna Kudtarkar

Rutuparna Kudtarkar

20, Computer Engineering Undergraduate from Mumbai

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